Black Belt Uniform

About the School

Welcome to our world, where we believe that it's never too late to live healthy! We are a martial arts school in Ithaca and Elmira, New York, who specialize in the art of Hwar Do- a combination of different types of martial arts that was deveoped by the founder of our school, Grandmaster H.Y. Kwon. Classes are taught by martial arts expert John Littlefield. Currently, the Kwon's Champion School has over 80 students.

Types of Training Offered

Though our primary focus is on the art of Hwar Do, personal training and group training are also available in strength building, weight training, body toning, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, aerobics, cardio, stretching, and meditation.

Benefits of Martial Art, Hwar Do

Everyone Can Practice Hwar Do

We have students as young as 5 or as old as 65. Do not let age stop you from staying healthy and strong and from learning to defend yourself. Read more